Saturday, June 3rd, 2023

Bitcoin has updated the maximum and is heading to $60 thousand.

On Thursday, October 7, at the end of the day, bitcoin fell in price against the US dollar by 2.77%, to $ 53785. The day turned out to be corrective after a 10% increase on October 6. The pullback was 38.2% to the upward movement from $50382 to $55750.

On Friday, October 8, the BTC/USD pair updated the maximum at $56100

In four hours, the growth was 4.57%. Bitcoin strengthened on the news that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved an exchange-traded fund called the Volt Bitcoin Revolution ETF. For other ETFs, the SEC continues to postpone decisions.

The San Francisco-based fund will provide retail investors with access to shares of companies that hold a significant portion of cryptocurrencies on their balance sheets. The ETF (ticker BTCR) will consist of shares of about 30 companies (MicroStrategy, Tesla, Square (NYSE:SQ), Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN), PayPal (NASDAQ:PYPL), Twitter (NYSE:TWTR), etc.).

At the time of writing the review, $54714 is given for one bitcoin. Data on the labor market in the United States came out – an important report for the US Federal Reserve, which turned out to be ambiguous. The dollar index reacted with a decline, the main currencies rose.

The external background for cryptocurrencies remains positive. The dollar is under pressure, stock index futures came out in positive territory. If this trend continues until the markets close, then two levels are visible on Monday: $57 thousand and $ 60 thousand.